Every distillery will boast to have a unique touch and a unique process and we are no different. We start by sourcing only locally grown Louisiana sugar cane that have been grown in the rich black soils of the Mississippi river delta.

This unique selected molasses is then turned over to millions of tiny yeast, where with their help; alcohol is created in our stainless fermentation tanks. After the tiny little yeasts have had their fill, we distill their work in our magnificent, handmade copper stills. The combination of mirror finish stainless steel tanks and steam fired copper stills , along with our rigorous quality control, will produce some of the most pure spirits while maintaining the unique characteristics and subtle nuances of our base ingredients.

After being distilled, the spirits are then blended with purified water and bottled.  Some spirits will be transferred to barrels where it will undergo a gentle ageing process until such a time where we feel it is ready to be shared with you. New Orleans has a perfect climate for the aging of spirits much like other areas such as the Caribbean (in general), Oporto and Jerez.