At New Orleans Distillers we’ll produce a range of products that can be enjoyed in many ways limited only by your imagination. Our goal is to produce easy drinking smooth spirits.  Spirits good enough to drink neat or mix into your favorite cocktail will fill our bottles.

Since we are currently not yet in production we can only share with you our intended product line. We will keep our science a secret and plan for your enjoyment.

We will be producing dry white rum, 100% produced from Louisiana sugar cane. You can look forward to smooth, easy drinking rum that will be equally at home in a Cuba libré, a modified mint julep or an old fashioned Planters Punch.

Our vodka will be triple distilled for that extra smooth clean finish.

Our Gin will be a delicate balance of juniper berries, citrus peel, almond, cinnamon, coriander, cucumber and rose petals.

We will also have a limited quantity of superbly aged rum - but like all great things, we will have to be patient before we will be able to enjoy it.

We always appreciate your honest opinions and input. If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to contact us directly.